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Conor’s new album is out May 19 on his new label, Nonesuch Records


photo by nick zinner


photo by nick zinner

Do you own The Color Grey is a Formidable opponent?


ugh so beautiful


There is nothing more I want
than just one night
that’s free of doubt and sadness.
One night I can really feel.
Bright Eyes (via thelessonslearned)
Bright Eyes - Napoleon's Hat
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Napoleon’s Hat // Bright Eyes

Mozart’s foster parents put cigarettes out in his ears

So when you’re talking on a hotline to a suicidal soul don’t let your voice sound like hot coffee, more like a scented pillow.


"Strive for understanding over being understood" is perhaps one of the greatest proverbs I’ve ever heard. It should be taught in schools at day one - it’s the kind of brainwashing we could all get to grips with.

And I can’t see the point of patient love when everyone just wants to get fucked.
Bright Eyes, Saturday As Usual (via playcrackthebigpicture)
Conor Oberst - Hundreds of Ways
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there are hundreds of ways to get through the day

just find one